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Gifts For The Modern Home Cook

by Yejiskitchenstories

Caraway Home Cookware Set | Touchscreen Air Fryer | Cast Iron Skillet | Stand Mixer | Muffin Pan | Gingerbread Flexible Spatula | Cutting Board | Chili Crisp | Hot Honey Chili Crunch | Espresso Machine | Cordless Hand Blender
| Skier Figure Stoneware Mug Set | Graza Sizzle Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Digital Meat Thermometer

  1. This cookware set is so good quality and chic in the kitchen.
  2. Silicone spatulas are so useful in the kitchen and this gingerbread spatula is so festive.
  3. This air fryer is so pretty and a good size for cooking family meals.
  4. I love this hot honey on everything, it is the perfect combination of sweet and spicy. It’s SO GOOD.
  5. Stand mixers are a must if you do a lot of baking, whether it’s for bread, cookie dough, or even shredding chicken.
  6. I make a lot of muffins for my toddler and silicone muffin tins have made it so much easier.
  7. This is an espresso machine I have been eyeing myself. Perfect gift for the coffee connoisseur.
  8. Hand blenders come in handy for making purees, soup, or sauces. Plus this one is cordless, even better!
  9. This chili crisp is my go-to condiment for EVERYTHING. It’s delicious on eggs, toast, as a dip, or in soup.
  10. Cast iron skillets are so useful and a staple cookware item in my kitchen. I love using my skillet to get a good sear on steaks.
  11. The cutest winter mug set for coffee, hot cocoa… or even betterโ€”spiked hot cocoa.
  12. A solid, sturdy wooden cutting board is so good to have and can last a long time when properly cared for.
  13. A digital kitchen thermometer always comes in handy when cooking meats, especially around the holidays so you don’t overcook that rib roast for Christmas dinner!
  14. I love this olive oil and love that it’s in a squeeze bottle too!

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