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Gifts For Toddlers

by Yejiskitchenstories

Toy Mixer | Cottage Doll House | Cozy Truck | Chef’s Kitchen | Play Dust & Sweep Set | Toy Train Track Set | Bumper Car | Magna-Tiles | Fleece Jacket | Toy Truck and Crane Arm | Quilted Reversible Jacket

  1. This reversible jacket is so cute!
  2. The little girl in me wishes I had this as a kid. How adorable is this cottage doll house?
  3. A toy mixer, perfect to start introducing your kiddo into cooking.
  4. My son has a toy kitchen similar to this and loves cooking me pretend pizza.
  5. This is a great montessori toy for all ages.
  6. We got gifted a cozy coupe version of this and he loves it so much.
  7. This toy train set is so stinking cute, perfect for the kiddos who love trains.
  8. I’ve been eyeing this truck for my son’s gift since he loves cars and trucks, so this will be perfect.
  9. This bumper car is so cool, we are also eyeing this one.
  10. These magnetic tiles are so fun to build with, we own a set at home and love them.

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