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Korean Potato Salad

by Yejiskitchenstories

This fluffy, crunchy, creamy Korean potato salad is easy to make with ingredients you may already have at home! It’s the perfect side dish or potluck dish for a dinner party.

I grew up on this kind of creamy, mayo-based potato salad. This is often served as a banchan (side dish), usually served cold, at Korean restaurants among several other staple banchans. There are many variations of this Korean potato salad, but this recipe tastes most similar to what I grew up eating.

Adding all the fresh vegetables gives this creamy potato salad a nice crunch. I like adding hard-boiled eggs for extra protein. This potato salad can also be enjoyed as a sandwich in a soft roll or even potato buns — making the perfect easy brunch meal.

What you’ll need to make this Korean Potato Salad:

  • Potatoes: you can use Russet or Yukon gold; both good choices for this fluffy potato salad.
  • Egg: I like dicing hard-boiled eggs and adding them to the potato salad, but it is optional!
  • Ham: Any deli ham of choice works; it adds a nice saltiness to every bite.
  • Cucumbers: I recommend Persian or English cucumbers; they have the crunchiest texture and less water content.
  • Carrots: I like to them up really small to have extra crunch in each bite and it adds great color to the potato salad.
  • Apples: Fuji apples are my favorite choice. I do not recommend any kind of sour apples.
  • Mayo: Your choice of Mayo; I like Kewpie Mayo. You can also use dairy-free mayo or Greek yogurt instead.
  • Salt: for seasoning to taste.
  • Sugar: adding a bit of sugar helps balance out all the flavors.

How to make this Korean Potato Salad:

  1. Peel and cut your potatoes. Cook your potatoes until fork tender. Drain and mash until fluffy.
  2. Boil your eggs in water until they are hard-boiled. Peel and roughly chop. Set aside.
  3. Thinly slice your cucumbers and sprinkle salt over them. Let it rest to draw out moisture. Drain and tightly squeeze to remove the moisture.
  4. Finely dice your carrots, ham, and apples. Set aside.
  5. Combine all the ingredients in a bowl, including the mayo, salt, and sugar. Mix everything together well. Enjoy as is or serve cold!

Watch how to make Korean Potato Salad

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I hope you enjoy this recipe for Korean Potato Salad! Please leave me a star rating and comment to let me know your thoughts! Happy cooking, xoxo!!

Korean Potato Salad

Serves: 4-6 Prep Time: Cooking Time:
Nutrition facts: 200 calories 20 grams fat
Rating: 5.0/5
( 1 voted )


  • 1½ lbs. potatoes, Russet or Yukon Gold
  • 2 eggs
  • ¼ cup ham, finely diced
  • ¼ cup cucumbers, finely sliced
  • ¼ cup carrots, finely diced
  • ¼ cup apples, finely diced
  • ½ cup mayo of choice
  • ¼ teaspoon salt, season to taste
  • ½ teaspoon sugar, season to taste


  1. Peel and cut your potatoes into quarters.
  2. Place the potatoes in a medium-sized pot and cover with cold water. Bring the potatoes to a boil. Reduce the heat to medium heat and cook until the potatoes are fork-tender. (They should slide off your fork when you poke the potatoes) 
  3. Drain the potatoes and transfer them to a large bowl. Mash the potatoes using a fork or potato masher until smooth and fluffy. Set it aside.
  4. Place the eggs into a small pot and cover with cold water. Bring to a boil and turn off the heat. Cover the pot and set it a timer for 6 minutes. Transfer the eggs to an ice bath to stop them from cooking longer. Peel and roughly shop.
  5. Thinly slice the cucumbers and sprinkle some salt over them. Let it sit to draw out any excess moisture.  Drain and squeeze out the moisture.
  6. In the meantime, prepare the rest of the produce. Finely dice the apples, carrots, and ham.
  7. Combine all the chopped ingredients with mashed potatoes. Add the mayo, salt, and sugar to the potatoes. Mix everything together until combined. Enjoy as is or serve cold!
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